Episode 41

Why values & beliefs are at war: | Human Design Ajna Center Explained

Published on: 26th April, 2022
"I truly believe. The more, you can guard yourself, your mind and your heart against the lies against manipulation against those who are trying to Gaslight you and have you under their control." - Raven

Tools for Self Development | Human Design Centers Explained: Ajna Center

Today I share with you Human Design Education about the Ajna center in a series on the Human Design Centers.

Here are some key moments:

Human design is like your secret weapon and secret tool in your self development box, your emotional intelligence toolbox, the more you know yourself intimately.

- The ajna center brings you...

- topics of questions that the head center wishes to answer

- Open Ajna Center

- Defined Ajna Center

- Expert Tip Alert

- The six Gates in the Ajna Center explained

- Affirmations and Journal prompts for you.

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Human Design Ajna center



Welcome back to the Empath and the narcissist podcast. The mission of this podcast is to bring you education, inspiration, and empowerment. Through relatable conversations. Empowering information. And self-healing practices.


Here we go. In three, two. Yay. Hooray. Thank you so much.

Did you do it? Did you subscribe? And like, I hope you did comment below done. And all throughout this. If you have questions about your human design chart, you may comment below your questions and I will answer them for you. If you're wondering where you can find your human design chart to look at while you're going through this with me, you can go and get your chart for free at any of the following sites.

Jovian archive.com genetic matrix.com or my body graph.com. Into the slides we go. So what is the definition of the Ajna center? This center is all about conceptualization strategizing, linear and scientific method. This is the second triangle from the top.

ituitary gland in the brain. [:

Now the topics that we typically are covered and answered will depend on the gates define, and I'll cover those in just a bit. So this function is really in the Ajna is to research, hypothesize and conceptualize how an inspiration is going to be manifested into reality.

th at:

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Uh, to me, guess I was wrong.

You done [:

When you look at your chart and you have the open Ajna center,

It will be white. And this center has the ability to see many sides to an issue it's fair and judicious. It's impact thick and open-minded, it does not have a fixed way of thinking. And it's able to process and understand in a myriad of ways and is easily distracted the location, of this energy.

This can really be one that you can read minds. What you're really doing is you're just amplifying the thoughts of others whom typically have a defined . Ajna center.. So this, the difficulty with having an open Ajna center and the potential for growth and maturity here is that you see, you don't have the ability, like it's very difficult to lock onto a fixed idea or belief.

You've probably heard a number of times in your life. Just make up your mind and stick to it. And you are here to be wise about ideas, not necessarily for you to adopt. So the beliefs that you hold on to will be ones that you have come to you through your process of learning through your strategy in life experiences and based on your type of authority.

fast to ideas and is a bit, [:

You have a trustworthy and reliable, fixed way in how you're processing works. And you are uniquely capable to being certain and must strive for gentleness and openness fixed way of processing concepts. You have a consistent way. You find you influence others ideas solely by the mental pressure. You have the capability of influencing others ideas, just solely on new thinking and processing and the mental pressure that you have. And this. Be unconscious in your actions and your being as well as the words that come out unconsciously that, uh, bear very strong opinions on beliefs and can sway someone's ability to have their own beliefs.

Cause yours are so strong.

Be careful defined head centers that you were allowing others to believe their beliefs and allow their truths to be their truths.

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center telepathy, the Ajna centers expert tip alert. Okay. If you have an undefined, a white Ajna and you're around a defined ajna person, you can think the thoughts of the defined.

d you may think that they're [:

So there's frustration and struggle and power struggles between parents and children, partners and partners, or they made. Surrender and succumb blindly and adopt the ideas and beliefs of their partner. If that had center is open. So this you can see is very tricky. I can see this in a perfect empath and narcissist formula.

Let's say the empath has the open ajna and the narcissist has the defined ajna or someone toxic, or just someone who is very closed-minded to outside ideas other than what they believe inside their own head. A gamut of people. Correct. So you get this sense of you feel guilt, you feel pressured, you feel, you know, bad about questioning the beliefs and, or be-rated a lecture.

You know, convinced into believing what the other person's beliefs are. And this is very dangerous because then you, with the open ajna aren't carrying around in yourself, the beliefs and ideas that are true to you, you're carrying around those ideas and beliefs that are theirs. And unfortunately they can be very toxic.

to believe what the defined [:

These emotional. Even like consequences of the beliefs, right? If you don't believe in God, you will go to hell. These are very extreme ideas that the open ajna not just doesn't, can't wrap their head around, and also may feel like they need to adopt it because they're being pressured into this belief system and, or like the "think like me" mentality of, you know, your partner.

Oh, "everyone is, beneath me, I'm so much better than them. We just need to continue on, you know, in our exclusive relationship and not have any friends and not interact with these lowly people who don't believe like we do." And therefore you start to get isolated. If you're an empath with a narcissist, Do you see the problem? This can be a big problem. So what do you do? So what you need to do, if you have an open ajna is to take a look at the gates that you have.

So we take a look at your gates. You have defined meaning this little number is in bold and circled. Again, we need to look to our strategy and authority. If you have an open ajna center to establish the beliefs that are proven and tried and true that work for you in your experience. Remember the truth is not black and white.

Defined ajna center people. There is a lot of gray area and for both parties, we need to find a balance in the middle. the first gate is gate 47. This gate is realization in the I Ching. It is called a pressure. This is a Virgo energy. And the difficulty with this gate, if you have this defined, is that the perfection paralysis is the problem in your life.

tuck up on not knowing every [:

it's important to step out in faith. What is the next right action for you? And I have affirmations and some journal prompts for you after I go through each gate. So stay tuned for that. You surrender. If you have this gate, which is a sensing gate, a sensing gate is just, you just feel it.

So if you have this gate, defined, or let's say you're next to somebody who has this defined, you can really amplify that energy and you can see plans, a very complex ideas just laid out in front of you very quickly. It's very visual. And so for gate 24, if you have that circled. This gate is an individual gate.

So it is a gate all about evolving and growing as an individual. And this gate is called Rationalization. They I Ching is called return. The Taurus is the, astrological energy here. It's in Taurus. And this is all about reassessing kind of almost like a mercury retrograde you're reassessing your grounding of expansion for correct progression.

You're retweaking find. You know, you're always kind of like, oh, it should be a little bit better here, a little bit better there. And you go back and forth and back and forth and it's okay. Because expansion does take some retraction in the process, right? Expansion, contraction, and you're in the process you find what truly works intuitively to create forward focus.

defined this [:

You are the ultimate hypothesize are always coming up with lots of different answers, but, if you have the open, the center open. or this gate is defined. You're going to feel a lot of pressure to come up with answers, but just find yourself and we'll go through it in the affirmations. Find a place where you can surrender to the fact that your answers then need to be proven, right?

The scientific method. There's the hypothesis. Then there's the experimentation. So enjoy the experimentation process and get moving forward.

It's always fun to experience.

So the other gates are these other three gates. So the first is 17. The gate of opinions. This is a logic gate as well, very linear. And the I Ching is called following. This is Aries in a zone. And, it's all about launching new ideas, right? Areas as fire warrior, moving forward, initiating, and, these ideas, these new ideas that yet need to be experimented and proven the difficulty is waiting for recognition and timing, right.

Again, the strategy for most of us generators manifesting generators and projectors is to wait while actually. Reflectors need to wait as well. So there's a lot of waiting, so we need to be patient for the recognition and for the timing and humbly know that it's just an idea and it's not concrete yet.

ight have the idea, it's not [:

They want to have travel the world. This is in your ajna center, an overflowing bucket of creative ideas that, you know, no one person will ever be able to accomplish in their lifetime. So just make peace with the fact that not all of these ideas are for you to do some of these, maybe for people who come along your path and for you to share, to help them to guide them on their path.

I love this one.. I have this one defined and it can be overwhelming at times. So just now you don't have to do it all.

gate 43, the knowing gate, this is insight. This is again, intuitive knowing and in the I Ching it's called breakthrough. This is a Scorpio energy. This is like a tearing up the underworld kind of, getting to the root of things and tearing it up to get better. Right. You have the vision of the knowing of how to do things different.

the right timing, you become [:

So wait for the right time.

how do you know what the right timing is? The right timing. We'll come to you in your waiting to respond process in your waiting for the invitation process. It will feel right to you. The opportunity will land in your lap when you're vibrating at a beautiful, graceful vibration. You won't be pushing really hard.

You won't be desperate. You won't be climbing or knocking on all the doors, doing all the hard sales. That's not the right timing.

So with 4 47, 11 and 17, all of these gates are energies that will benefit the world as a collective body. It projects what is coming next based on lessons of the past. It reflects potential and possibilities for the future and shares it. So a beautiful affirmation for this. As I like to see the patterns in all things, enjoy it, surrenders the patterns.

I share my ideas, stories and advice with the people who ask for them.

gate 24 and 43 are individual gates. And they're all about mutation and empowerment. If you have a lot of interval, individual circuitry, you are here to be different. And in order to be happy, you must fully express your unique. So I let my inner wisdom develop over time and share with those who ask. I am free to empower others and let my light shine everywhere I go.

ere we're going to share the.[:

Do you trust that the universe will bring you the next right? Breadcrumbs? How can you keep your vibration high while you work and wait for your dreams to manifest

gate 24? I nurture what is serving me and release what is toxic to my growth, make a list of everything that feels good and is working in your life. Acknowledge it and keep doing it. And write out all that is frustrating you and is not helping you grow and burn it and release it in a Journal's burning ritual any time and especially around the full moon and if needed, cut the cord of them out of your life.

If it's a habit, if it's a person, if it's something cut it out of your life. Gate for, I am wise and aware that not all of my answers are true or what is real. I patiently wait to see if my answers are correct. What new awareness or thoughts do you have? What are your next steps that you need to take in your creative process?

others. What phrases do you [:

How can you show grace to others ideas even though they're different to yours

Gate 11. I honor my overflow of ideas and curiously save them for the right person to carry out. Even if that is not me, congratulate yourself for the accomplishments in the last week and the last month, what have you learned? What is your five-year goal? And which ideas do you have in your idea bank, your overflowing bucket that will help you get there and focus on those

gate 43, the very last gate affirmation is my visions are valuable and world changing. I attract the right people in the right time to bring forth opportunities for breakthrough. Again, brain dump all of your current ideas, get all of them out there and then look at them. Do you see a pattern in them that points to a theme of a breakthrough?

And that is the conclusion of the Oschner center and the human design centers. Again, you can click the video in the outro to learn more about the human design strategy and to rewire and realign your consciousness.

keep your unique light shine.[:

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