Episode 71

Why Didn't You Leave the Narcissist Sooner? with Ana C Jones

Published on: 28th July, 2022

"I get to decide. I come back to finding experiences, magical moments. I wanna experience all of these things and I get to come back to these things. And I really think that's something we forget that we have the power to choose. We're not tied to a person or a situation or an event or a circumstance we have to wake up and just be like, oh wow. I actually have the power to walk away from here. "

Unapologetically AF, and giving yourself grace that your experience didn't happen to you, but happened through you. Find support to leave the relationship with the Narcissist.

Today I share a conversation with Ana C Jones and why she didn't leave the Narcissist she was in a relationship with.

Instagram: @anacjones

Guest Bio:

Ana is on a mission to inspire as many women as possible to live a life that has personal meaning. Ana is an emotional awakening coach who works closely with women to remind them of their power, step back into their worth and encourage living an unapologetic life.

Here are some key moments:

  • Narcissistic Manipulation happens to the best of us.
  • If you are in a toxic relationship, you are toxic. 
  • Even if you haven’t been abuse, be knowledgable to be prepared 
  • When you are desperate, you are vulnerable
  • They pretend to pamper you, but in the end they have no empathy

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