Episode 50

This Mantra Removes Negative Energy and Protects Against Narcissists

Published on: 21st May, 2022
"You, Divine One, have become my refuge. True is Your support, Great Creative Infinite."

This Mantra Removes negative energy and eliminate enemies such as narcissists and block the impact of animosity.

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During your most difficult times, Guru comes to stand by your as your protector. Yogi Bhajan taught us that when chanted for 62 minutes during the ambrosial hours, this mantra can relieve unbearable financial pressure and give you mental self-control. This mantra meditation from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib is a gift to you that will let you penetrate the unknown without fear. It will give you protection and mental balance.

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This Mantra Removes Negative Energy: YouTube Straight Talk Shorts



Welcome back to the Empath and the Narcissist podcast. I am today, sharing with you a mantra that removes negative energy. But before I get into that, I wanted to thank you all so much for listening and subscribing. And writing a review for this podcast. Ever since I changed the name to the title of my book Empath and the Narcissist three months ago.

The listener downloads have increased 465%. All I did was just align with my soul and the book, and to come here and to serve you. So I'm really, really, truly grateful for all of you. Ah, tuning in. Um, every week and I'm so excited to be sharing continually more amazing guests. On the podcast and I will be taking a break throughout June from interviewing. However, you'll still be receiving everything I've interviewed.

This month that has all been scheduled out. For that, but what I'm doing is gathering myself up. And investing in some solo podcast. To help guide you in your healing journey from narcissist abuse, as well as the black sheep wound. I had such an aha moment. Uh, during this last full moon. Uh, in the eclipse.

de it abundantly clear. They [:

Uh, to be able to love me as I expect. And I think that's another huge life lesson that life isn't always perfect. It isn't always what we imagine and can manifest through our imagination and expectation. We can only manifest and control what we can bring into our lives. And so sometimes that calls us to let go and to release.

The ideas or the euphoria or the imaginative relationship that we have in our heads that we think we may have right now with someone, but it's not true. And this is so true with. The empath and nurse assist interaction. We have such great expectations and imaginations, and we justify away all of their bad treatment.

To make sure that our. Relationship we have made up in our head, stays alive. And then when they come back and they love bomb us and Hoover us, that's just solidifying our. Idea and our, our false construct of a relationship. And then, so the cycle continues. We justify, we make excuses. For the bad treatment for the abuse, for the neglect.

And then when they come around, we fall back into their arms because we want this fantasy in her head to be so real. And we think that it has to be with this one person. And we don't realize that if we just let go and release. Love and abundance abounds and comes to you so easily and freely. You have no idea.

n app. So it's super easy to [:

n to launch that in August of:

Exercises and meditations and interactions and prayers. To help you heal your wound from the guilt and the shame that you aren't like your family, you don't live by their life ideology. You don't fit in the confines and culture of your family and not shameful and hurtful. And so extremely painful. But when you get to release and heal this wound,

You're free from that shame, you're free from the binds of the family that you chose to be with on this earth, they served their purpose. They did what they needed to do in the role in your life. And that doesn't mean that it needs to continue on in a toxic way throughout the rest of your life. So sometimes you might find that once you've healed this wound,

You know, you've been able to release something in your relationship and your limited exposure to them, or when you do interact, it is a beautiful and healthy interaction now because you've been able to release. And for some, it will just be a release of never talking to them again. Um, and there's lots of different variations in how this will play out in your life because we're all unique at each of our situations is unique to only us.

u so that you can gain. Such [:

for this to launch in August,:

For Instagram and YouTube shorts. And you kind of just get a big motivational boost before you hop into our mantra that dispels, and removes negative energy. Channel messages from the spirit stand in your power.. Do not let other sway you from your truth. You are strong. You are brave. You are rock solid.


You are chosen here to elevate the collective and they know it. You are chosen for a purpose here, so release all the narcissist out of your life. Get rid of them.

So shine your light. Bright.

letting the dark, cover your [:

Find the empath energy protection meditation and the meditation playlist on the Raven Scott show channel.

How to break trauma bonds with the narcissist. The first thing that you need to recognize is why are you feeling the need to be so connected to this person? Why do you feel lost without them empty? When they're not around you feel like you'll never find love or you'll be nothing without them in your life.

This is the tactic, the. Puts into your head and makes you believe that all of these lies that I just said are true and all of these lies are to reiterate the trauma bond. So when they are abusive and they're mean they're constantly doing it out of, I love you and I'm caring for you, and this is the hard truth that you need to hear, but really they're just cutting you down.

There's a difference between hard truth that you don't want to hear that's delivered in the right time. And just emotional and mental abuse. That's cutting yourself, esteem down, calling you whack, calling you crazy saying that you didn't say these things that you actually did, and it's cutting down your character.

Those are two totally different things. And you need to understand that the narcissist wants you to be bonded to them. So they don't have to work on another relationship because it's a big, massive effort to love bomb. But if you decide that you want to. You need to do so in a very calculated way so that their emotional manipulation does not take hold onto you anymore.

n is key self-development is [:

And you finally have the knowledge to give you the power to leave.


Here's the truth that you need to understand. Narcissists love drama. They feed on it. That is how they get their energy. And that is how they put themselves up on a pedestal and put you down. And that's how they build up their self-esteem to put you down to just stir up drama, to stir up the smoke and mirrors, to shield the truth from being.

They thrive on this. So this is the truth that you need to know so that you can stop being pulled into their lies, be pulled into their drama. Once you stop it, stop engaging in their drama and don't feed them that negative energy. The impact will be disinterested in the drama with you. They will not talk to you anymore.

And that's a good thing. You want them out of your life. You want their drama out of your life. So what are you waiting? Do the gray rock method go no contact and experience life without their drama.

I have decided that I no longer want to improve myself to fix a relationship that has run its course. That is toxic for me.

I'm a beautiful disaster evolving all the time. Only for myself.

I accept myself. Bless this mess because I'm done being stressed.

Aap, Sahaa-ee [:

sachay daa sacha doaa,

Har Har Har,

this is a Sanskrit. For you, divine one has become my refuge. True is your support. Great creative. Infinite.

This is a protection to eliminate enemies. And block the impact of animosity.

During your most difficult times. The guru comes to stand by you as your protector. Yogi behind. Taught us that when chanted for 62 minutes during the Ambrosia. hours. Miss mantra. Can relieve unbearable financial pressure. And give you a mental self-control. This mantra meditation from the Siri guru. Granth Sahib.

Is a gift to you. That. Uh, that will let you penetrate the unknown without fear. It will give you protection. And mental balance against the toxic and narcissist. People in your life. It will allow you to break those barriers down that are holding you. In this pain fight or flight circle. To step out into the dark abyss.

Knowing that it's not a darker base, but more, it is a bridge. To guide you over and cross over into your beautiful abundant life.

Aap Sahaa-ee Hoaa.

sachay daa sachaa doaa.

Har Har [:

Aap Sahaa-ee Hoaa. sachay daa sachaa doaa. Har Har Har

Aap Sahaa-ee Hoaa. sachay daa sachaa doaa. Har Har Har Aap Sahaa-ee Hoaa. sachay daa sachaa doaa. Har Har Har

daa sachaa doaa. Har Har Har [:

You can find this song that I'm singing along to on YouTube. This is. Just the same mantra title Aap Sahaa-ee . Hoaa. Meditation by. Snatam Kaur. S N a T a M space, K a U R.

Such a beautiful voice and you could just have this on repeat again. The 62 minutes is something that you can chant once you've got this memorized over and over. If you have, um, Meditation beads. You can click through each bead after every time you say this chat. Chant. Where you can put a timer, if you like.

So. I do pray that this helps you elevate your energy and protect you from negative energy from the narcissist and toxic people in your lives.

If you enjoyed this podcast, continue to come back. And I enjoy to see you. Any feedback that you have.


take a screenshot of this podcast. Also tag me at Raven Scott show. And thank you so much. Can't wait to connect with you.

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