Episode 112

The Inner work is Necessary for Your Dreams to Come True After Narcissistic Abuse

Published on: 20th November, 2022
"We should have compassion for ourselves. We should have compassion for one another. you have the power to make the change in your life. How?? One boundary at a time. One decision at a time. One change of a belief at a time, and it will begin to change in your favor." - Dana Sardano

Do you have dreams but feel like they're not coming true? You may be attracting negative energy from others who don't believe in you or your goals.

In this episode we will share with you what the inner work looks like after Narcissistic Abuse and how to magnetize the Law of Attraction for peace and abundance.

Today I share a conversation with Dana Sardano

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Here are some key moments:

[12:24] Narcissistic mother

[20:36] Know yourself.

[22:33] What does the Work look like?

[26:38] Law of Attraction

[27:01] Be honest with yourself

[33:00] Don't Let Others Hold you Back

[40:00] Ask for Help, and Take Action

Dana Sardano received her BA in special education in 1993. Specializing in behavioral disorders for children K through 12. In June of 2017, she decided to retire from her career in education an open Ubuntu fish gallery, an artist's gallery and intuitive lounge in September, 2019. She's recently written and illustrated a book combined with a workbook for children called Veda Finds her Crown, centered around chakra health and development to help aid teachers and parents who are educating the whole child. And she's also written the 10 Recommandments for personal empowerment.

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I'm just trying to tell you that you have the power to make the change in your life. It doesn't have to be this way.

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Welcome to the empath and the narcissist podcast where you regain your sparkle back after narcissistic abuse. I am your host, Raven, Scott, your nurturing, or your guide through the darkness. This is episode


The inner work is necessary. For your dreams to come true after narcissistic abuse with

Dana. Sardano. Just a reminder. This episode is for educational purposes only, and it is not a substitute for professional therapy.

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Are you struggling to understand why you keep attracting narcissistic individuals into your life?

Or do you have dreams, but feel like they're not coming true. You may be attracting negative energy or people from others who don't believe in you or your goals. Listen on to this episode with Dana to discover how to strengthen your intuition. To help you avoid attracting more of these toxic people. By strengthening your intuition, knowing yourself.

er BA in special education in:

ntuitive lounge in September,:

She was a blessing to have on the show. She had a bit of a, like a missing voice. Um, when we recorded. So that's why she's sounds like a very deep graphy. Sexy voice. , and I just really, truly hope that you, , embrace the wisdom and enjoy our conversation about strengthening your intuition. Without further ado let's get into the conversation.






And so maybe you can kind of dive into that a bit more. Like how do we listen to our. . And what does that really mean? Because maybe we've said it too many times and they're still like, what do you mean, Raven? Can you go a little deeper? What does , what does that mean?


Um, we're going to talk about this at some point, but I had just written a book called 10 Re Commandments for Personal Empowerment, and

the first, the second in. Third, um, rec Commandments.

One is called, it's about listening to your emotional guidance system,



feel victimized and I, and I really do not want to, um, undermine anybody's feelings of abuse and, and all of that.

But the reality is that. All of these experiences that we have are information presented to us now. Unpleasant and shitty information, right? But



So, and we've been gifted our physical guidance system of like, you know, like when you get the ick in your stomach about something that's your solar plex soccer going, hey, right. Or when we get headaches, you know, that's often either the Crown cha or it's, you know, we've been working too hard. Whatever it is, we have been gifted.

This gps, this internal gps to help us

along. So the steps to empowerment come from,

Come from. Yeah. My goodness. Talking about throat , chakras, the throat shock is in full alert today,

but, uh, we've been gifted these emotions to help us and navigate us to where we need to go. But what we do, because , these situations, these experiences we find ourselves in, can be so traumatic.

And the patterns that we live in, go back so far

that we become entrenched in these emotions and instead of saying, Hey, this is information and my emotion is telling me this situation really sucks. I hate it. Or This emotion is telling me this situation is really great, I wanna do more of that.

We get caught up in the emotion and forget. It's explaining this information to us. So when we begin to listen more to what our body is telling us and listen more to what our emotions are telling us, it could navigate us through these unpleasant experiences more swiftly, and we could glean , the, , lessons from them.

So, um, so really that was long and the short of it, just this idea that if we can understand that we have been gifted all of this, gps this way to navigate these, what could be sometimes horrific experiences, we could navigate them quicker and, , hopefully, , less painless.


to all you impasse out there chasing fake love. The trick in breaking that pain cycle is to stop chasing and start fostering love for your own self. grab my book. Now I listen to it on Audible. It's called Empath and the Narcissist. It's a healing guide on how to overcome narcissistic abuse, recovering PTSD codependency, and gaslighting manipulation.

And so every aspect right now in your life where you feel stagnant, where you feel like it doesn't work, create a new idea, create a new idea that is more in alignment with your highest excitement, your higher heart chakra, right? We listen to your heart in the higher heart. Ask your highest self for guidance and.

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Now back to the show.

Yeah. And your book that you wrote came out of a personal experience as well. You had mentioned before we hit record. Do you mind sharing a little bit about that? To relate to the audience?


But I grew up in a home that, on the outside, you know, checked all the boxes. You know, the father was, successful mother was beautiful. You know, two kids, , lived in suburbia, father worked in the city, the whole nine.

But it. Very, very unpleasant. And you had the narcissistic roles, you had the, you know, the abusive father, the neglectful mother, you had all of that.

And I had the brother who was the princeling. And, you know,

I just grew up not feeling loved. So I grew up, um, reliving the pattern in my relationships of feeling either abused or neglected in whatever forms they showed up.



and that, , I had to work harder for love and you know, all of those things that we learn from our experiences. And I find that interesting because I find that people will say things like, , my ex-husband, cuz I'm a woman speaking as a woman.

My ex-husband was abusive and that's why I, I have to overcome that trauma. But my belief is you never would've aligned or connected with that ex-husband if you hadn't already believed that you were deserving of that. Treatment, right.

So, so yeah. So for me, I went through my entire life up until, God, my late thirties, my early forties, believing these things and repeating the same pattern over and over.

And then, you know, we all have our, our dark mode of the soul or our, you know, our rock bottom, or when things get shitty enough to really make a change. I made some changes and I watched the momentum of my life, first of all. I watched it shift and I watched the momentum pick up and then I start to realize there's a pattern to this, uh, a new pattern, a better pattern, and started understanding my worthiness and making decisions that were best for me and have led me here.

And that's why I wrote the book. So other people can find their way out of their shit. Show through my story.


I don't, it's just so difficult cuz that's like your core forming of who you are and your identity and it can really set your life. A whole slew of many wrong choices and putting yourself into situations or accepting treatment that you would've never accepted if you had been raised by, , parents who told you this, who loved you unconditionally, who guided you through it, and who you really, truly felt loved and you had trust with.

So I grapple with this. It's really difficult because some of us have this experience. and it sucks, but there's something gold, like you said, there is gold out of that situation that comes out of it.


And it's difficult. It was easier for me to forgive my father than my mother

because it's a different relationship.

And, and you know, and I am a mother, right? And so it was, it's a, it was a little bit more challenging. But when we can, again, as adults go back to the childhood versions of ourselves, the, the, the versions of ourselves that carried that.

And reverse that irrational belief that we have about ourself and the world at large because of our experience and replace it with our adult healthy belief. Then we begin to see the world a little bit differently, and not only do we have compassion for ourselves, we begin to have compassion for those who have wronged us, for lack of a better way of.




We don't have any power to be able to. Nurture ourselves, and I think that's what our intuition is. Strengthening your intuition. Can you talk a little bit more about that? How do we nurture ourselves to really trust our intuition?


foremost, and the only way we can do that is by, again, people always start doing the work, right.

Going through the work and you know, but unfortunately, a lot of people don't know what that means. And

so they start looking outward and they start, you know, following the gurus or reading the books or whatever it is. But the work is. Releasing the fear, releasing the judgements, releasing all of those things that we carry.

How do we do that? And the best way to do that, it's like I mentioned earlier, is to really try to look at our experiences. I always say childhood, but wherever the trauma was created, we can get into a whole conversation about chakras. You know, your brute is like zero to seven years old, you know, whatever went down at that point is why you feel.


know, uh, seven to like 14, whatever went down around that age is why you don't feel joy or you feel guilt, or maybe you have depression or purpose, whatever went down from, you know, 14 to 21 is actually a result of what happened from seven to 14. And then your identity is in question and your self-confidence and all those things.

And those first three chakras, your root, your sac, and your solar plexus are your found. And when you can go back and look at the cracks in your foundation and really put them to rest for good, and there's so much more. That I can get into. But for the take of time, unless you know you'd like to know more, I'll just leave it there.

But when we really go back to those cracks in our foundation and we heal those wounds, then

Your heart chakra. All of the things that you've done in your life, all of

your coping mechanisms to protect your heart so you're not hurt.

Yes in the emotion code, they call that. The heart Wall Paul.


and, and be, you know, empowered in that respect is connected to your ability to love without condition. And then what happens?

Your third eye chakra opens up and that's your ability to see the big picture. Look outside of the pain in which you currently , reside. It's your

ability. Create, you know, take the parts and create the hold your ability to really see things, see them, see them,

and then your crown chakra opens up and you're connected to all things.

So to answer your question, how do you embrace and, and open up your intuition? You do it by first starting with releasing the pain. And as for as difficult as forgiving it is, you're doing it for. You're

doing it. The byproduct is always you. So that's my, uh, my long version with a little,






It's like controlling your thoughts and knowing and, and then being able to do the work through the chakras. I think that's beautiful.


You owe me an apology. And then accepting the consequence of that fallout, but being true to myself. And as

you do these things, because you understand that you're now worthy to set your own boundaries and stand in your own power, you become with everyone. It could feel like a like a little. Decision that you made.

It could be something like, again, in my situation, huge, like I became estranged for my mother as a result. Um, she never came to my wedding. Things like that.

So the work is knowing your power, knowing your worth, stepping into your power, finding the joy, and continuing doing those things that feel good because you deserve it.

And then all these things begin to unfold. Oh my God, it's so magical. And. Yeah. And then truly see how life, , could be lived. I try not to say shoulds, but how it could be lived and it could be lived in those, in that dream state that everybody else, that appears to be something you see in the movies. You know what I mean?


You have an. But if you're constantly thinking like, my, , mother doesn't love me, oh my gosh. Like, how do I get her to love me? And you're still perpetually chasing and or trying to get her to apologize, right? , so you did the work and you said, this is what needs to happen. This is my boundary, , to move forward.

I need an apology, or I need you to recognize that this happened to me and affirm it. And if she can't, because of her own deep, Then there, there's the consequence, right? The fallout of like, I can't believe that you are telling me I have to apologize. I did my best. And you're like, well, I can't have this toxicity in my life anymore.

So you come to a point where that, that place it becomes peaceful. Even though some of you listening may be like panicking, like, oh my gosh, like, I can't ever have my mother, not in my life. But it, it becomes more peaceful when you're like, this is it. This is my healthy choice,


one of them is attachment to relationships. Again, it goes back to our beliefs. We believe blood is thick than water, but that's your mother. You'll never have another mother.

But the reality is I have to ask myself, what is my belief? And my belief is that I first and foremost be well, happy and whole. Then as a result of that, my husband and my children are well happy and whole. And then as a result of that, as this microcosm all around us, become well happy and whole in all of our interactions.

And if that means. Eliminating toxic beliefs, toxic behaviors, toxic , , addictions, toxic relationships. Then I have to do that. But it only, like I said, you can't do any of it until you know. What your belief is about yourself. So I could say, oh, I'm not going to engage in toxic relationships, but if the little girl in me still believes that I'm not worthy of anything else, my energy belies, whatever it is I'm saying and doing.

So people create vision board, oh, I'm getting outta soapbox. I can feel it. People create vision boards all the. And people set their intentions and they understand the law of attraction and the secret and all that. But if they haven't cleared out those first three chakra and the damage that's been done and really reversed their own beliefs about themselves, then it's like two magnets, you know, trying to come together.

They, they've just not going to, because your energy belies everything that you're saying. So first, we're gonna be honest with our. Again, that's the work.





But if we're not willing, To do what we need to do or aware of what we need to do, then we got nothing. A lot

of us are willing, we want change, but we're not really aware. So when we are aware, just pick one belief. Just one belief about yourself. Right. You know, I. Other people's needs should always come first.

I know, I know that the majority of your audience carries this belief system, right? My, you know, my, like everybody else has gotta be okay and then I'm not, okay. Okay. Or then, then I'll be okay.



You know what I mean? Like at work, you know, you pick up the slack for somebody else and you feel put upon and your relationship with your kids. I never get to have what I want at dinner because I don't want the fight and, and you're not setting proper boundaries. There are a billion, there are a billion patterns that you've created from that one belief.

So you have to stop and say, wait a. Why do other people's needs come first? You know what I mean? Like why is that even a thing? Why do I believe that? And really give yourself the time to increase that awareness. And then when you're like, wait a minute, my needs matter too, then you see it everywhere and you just one at a time, you unravel it.

But when you unravel it in the ways that you. A lot of the other situations begin to unravel themselves because you have, changed, right? Your energy has shifted, your boundary has shifted. It's amazing. , , it begins with that awareness.


But yeah, the energetics of it, it's just not happening.


and , you, so then your frustration is, well, then it's just not in the cards for me.





Now I hear myself, so I know I sound like I'm so powerful and I know so much stuff. But I promise you, I promise you in my own way, we all have our own story, but in my own way, I really, I remember being in my thirties, I was single till I was like 42. I had like one marriage when I was 30. It lasted for like an hour and a half.

It was like one of those like, so we'll just, we'll just say like, I got, I didn't really settle down with somebody. I had two children when I was 38 and 39.



So I went through all of my thirties going, why are my friends getting married?

And why are they meeting the right guy? And why is this happening and why is that happening? I guess

it's not just in the cards for me. I'm meeting jerk after jerk after jerk. And in hindsight I'm like, no, I was dating abuse, neglect, abuse, neglect, abuse, neglect, and not realizing that it all came.



hundred. And on a conscious level, I would've said absolutely not. I would've

been like, you're crazy. Yeah.

But, and I, and I remember once my, I worked at a school for a lot of years and my principal saying to me, because I appeared to have everything going for me, And he was like, I don't understand why you can't meet a nice guy.

And this is probably after like the 15th guy that week totally, you know, tilted me. And I started to cry and I was like, it's not me. Oh my God. I couldn't have been further from the truth. It was totally me and I just didn't have the understanding that I, deep down, Cause I wasn't looking at it. I was soothing myself with food or at the time even drugs or, , careless behavior or whatever it was.

, I was self soothing and I didn't take the time to look at it and to understand that I was creating , this disaster of my life. And for those of you who are listening and feel victimized and are like, this chick doesn't know what she's talking about, I feel you and I. Your feelings of, but I was treated this way, and Yes, you were.

And and yes, we, we all have compassion. We should have compassion for ourselves. We should have compassion for one another. I'm just trying to tell you that you have the power to make the change in your life. It doesn't have to be this way. And to quote my husband, , how do you eat an elephant. One piece at a time.

One boundary at a time. One decision at a time. One change of a belief at a time, and it will begin to change in your favor. I promise. I live to tell the tale.


I was just like, successful outside. You look like you're thriving, but it just, it just coat in the surface and just pushing that down. So it is so important. I think we both can stress how important it. To sit with those uncomfortable feelings. You don't want to, you wanna drink some more, wine to cover them up.

You don't wanna


a cookie. In my case, you know, Sliva Oreos did the trick every time.


Don't feel like, oh my God, I have to sit with them and now what do I do? And no one's here to help me. And oh, it's gonna be so ugly. Like just get it all out, write it all out, and then burn it and then wash and shower. Like create a beautiful ritual every time these things come up so you can start to cleanse them.


And then people, I call them unicorns, magical people. People begin to come out of the woodwork that you now align with. So when you start to see your circles start to change or you start to feel a dissonance with people that you used to be very close to, it's telling you that even though you may not feel like you're getting anywhere, you're getting somewhere.

And, and




it, it started getting uncomfortable between us.

I didn't understand what was going on at the time. I just knew why does my mother suck , you know? And then when I got myself to a place where now I aligned with my husband, who is the beginning and the end, like the guy is really, he's just absolutely amazing. I started seeing for her jealousy and discomfort , or at least that's how it manifested itself.

Like I would've

like parties for my kids or when they were little and she would like undermine me in front of my friends. And,

but what I realized in hindsight is, She just was acting out because she didn't know now how to relate to me anymore, and I had to mourn, like you said, that relationship. But the reality is I was not in alignment with her.

If she was willing to learn, grow, and expand and become a more empowered version of herself, we could have grown together.

But for me to sacrifice my wellness and my happiness and my wholeness, because I have this. Attachment and this, um, to this longevity and this intimacy, this relationship, because I owe her, because she's my mother, is unfair to me.

And at the end of the day, I learned I am worthy. I come first always, always, regardless of what they told us, regardless of what our conditioning is




I don't have to suffer.


Especially with a narcissist. It was. Just smoking mirrors.


But if I had to be single now, , and be out. There would really be like, I know, I know. I wouldn't run into that type of individual cuz I'm no longer the recipient of that type of behavior.


Right. That type of behavior.


Pay attention to the circumstances that you have and ask yourself, what can I do in this moment? To make this a better situation for myself, to honor my needs and watch the energy around you ship slowly, slowly, and then the momentum builds. It's really, it's, it's, it's really something when you realize that you have more, you're more in the driver's seat than you think you are.







And he's like, no, no, no, I'm waiting for God to rescue me. And the guy was like, okay. And paddled away. And then another person came along and some other like jet ski or. Oh, no, no, no, no. Thank you. Um, I'm waiting for God to save me. Like he did those three times, , and then he's like, screams out to God, like, why haven't you rescued me yet?

And God's like, I gave you three totally perfect choices to save yourself. Like, just jump out. I gave you those opportunities to be saved. So just take the wheel


And it's when the energy belies it, you know, we're, we're not gonna get what we need. But what happens is we set an in. You know, or a desire or a want, right? And whatever that is. Everything conspires. Again, regardless of what your, your belief system is, God, the universe, source as she mala, whatever it is, whatever your belief system is, it conspires to help you.

But we, because we're so cut, we could be so myopic sometimes and so entrenched in our emotions and stuck in our stuff, we don't see the opportunities to get what. So it's if I want the perfect job, cuz I hate my job and it's on my vision board and I'm waiting for that perfect job to show up, or I'm seeking that perfect job and I'm ignoring that, if I just follow things that bring me joy, it may lead me to a new relationship or a new friendship, which made me lead me to a new party, which leads me to meeting my new boss.

But we're so focused on what's over here. We're not paying attention to what's right in front of us and

it's a really important message. And that idea, that guy in the roof. Yeah. Paddle boat. No, I'm waiting for God to help me. It's right here.






to get yourself off the roof,




bird came to my window. How do I know it's

a sign? Because if it makes you feel good in any way, then then that is the right direction. That is the sign. If you get like, like it, like I woke up this morning.

There, I have had this book in my brain, uh, that I've wanted to write, and I met somebody who had some, um, knowledge base about it, and I was like, oh,

she'll do it and I'll assist her.

And, but it was really me being lazy and being like, let somebody else do it. And I've been, and the signs have been showing up, you know what I mean?

All because the subject matter of the book and all these things. And this morning I woke up and I was like, you know, , I'm right in this book. I'm gonna email her and ask her if she wants to assist me because it's gotta be written by me. But when I had that realization, and, and again, the steps that got me there don't matter.

This is the intuition at work,

and I picked up my phone to email her.



And she did it. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Just. And it will present itself because you're worthy of it. And whatever feels good, just do that. I call it, people say breadcrumbs. I say piece of candy. Oh, piece of candy. Oh, piece of candy.

And you just keep picking it up and it will lead you where you need to go.

Always. Always.


And I was like, holy, thank you universe. Like, this is like, I, I feel like I was like channeling that what, what was supposed to be said. It was just goose.


So I, I try to do like to really utilize myself and my friends gifts rather than Googling things online or, you know what I mean, going to a book. But I do have a book on like animal totems, like when animals show up that I really

trust this book.

It's really, really great. And. I had this epiphany about a week ago, and it was really about starting a new project and kind of like this rebirth for me and doing this new thing and I felt really good about it and I committed to it. Right now it's time to do the work and wait for the signs and I'm driving to the gallery and this, now I'm in Florida, so there are al every single bird that you can imagine, but usually we see the big ones, the hers, the sandhill cranes and stuff like that.

This, um, stor. Comes out of the woods towards my car and then turns, and then in the direction I'm going, flies parallel to my car. Maybe it was 10 feet from me, but it was clear. Came out of the woods towards my car and then started, maybe flew a few seconds until in my head, I acknowledge it. I'm like, I see you.

And then it kind of passed over and in front of my car and went back into the woods on the other side. And I. It was a validation of what I was doing in, in my new creative pursuits. So I get to the gallery and

I pull out the book and I look up stor and it usually gives you a couple. You see what resonates with you when the first one was like the birth of new ideas and it being a new thing.

And I was like, thank you. I knew it. I knew it. So when you know, you

could feel it. Cuz there

I see birds all the time. But

this bird was for.





For sure.



It's about you and about your story. So what I do is it's a loose autobiography I tell about my situation and use anecdotes to support the points I'm making. But what I learned along the way, and because

my background, I was an educator for 25 years, there's like teacher, like, it's like a how too, in some respects.

It's called 10 Re Commandments for Personal Empowerment. Um, I call it re Commandments, not commandments, because I'm recommending you do this, but you know, you do what

you want, it's your life, right? But in, um, paperback, it's, , and on Kindle, it's on most, you know, Barnes and Noble and, and even on my website, but Amazon's always the easiest way, but.

, I have the audio recorded version of it that I narrated myself

that is exclusively offered on Find Uniquely You, you and the letter.com


and also on your, your guest page. Yeah.


Through collaboration and through community and through workshops and events and things like that. Um, with a v everybody's at different levels of evolution,

right? So some people are on the other side going, come on, let me show you how it's done. And some people are like, oh my God, I just started, what do I do?


it's this beautiful place for wellness and healing for people. But I offer the audio version of the book. Like I said on that site. ,

I also have a gallery do intuitive guidance. , my gallery is called Tu Fish Gallery. It's in Stewart, Florida. , I've got all sorts of irons at the, I have a follow up to 10 Rex.

It's called Beyond the 10 Decoding. The Woohoo.

And, and two, the conversation we had today is to follow up to you, do the work. You tread through the shit and and and hear. And so it's a spiritual part of my journey and how. Magic and intuition comes to the surface when you clear out the gunk of those foundational chakras. I do workshops on the uniquely you platform. , based on the book and the woohoo to come up.

, and , it's really about helping people in, in a group in mass assist them from the dumpster fire to the other side of the rainbow.

So, uh, yeah, there's a lot going on.

Um, a lot of awesome things. I feel like I have so much to give back because I'm so grateful for finding my way here. And if I could assist anybody, I'm always happy to do so.






This book is truly eye-opening. In particular, I feel that the author really nails down how empaths can accommodate the narcissist in ways that we don't even realize. I found it fascinating to learn about the role of human design and how this could greatly affect our relationships as well. Thank you for another beautiful review.

Keep them pouring into the podcast. And if you've read my book, please write a review as it shows social proof, because now there are so many empath and narcissist books out there on Amazon. Mine was one of the first five that I found, and now there's probably 50. You can't start in your next chapter if you're rereading the last one.

This is just one of the many beautiful sparkle reminders that I've drafted for you to receive every week. If you wish to receive Sparkle reminders, just like this, sign up to get this gift every Saturday into your inbox. In the link, in the show notes, and also the bonus when you first sign up is you receive the How to Draw Powerful Boundaries Workshop that isn't actually just about boundaries.

There's a lot of spiritual healing in there for your soul as. You can follow me at Instagram, reach out, say hello. Share with me how you're doing at Raven Scott's Show. I am here for you perpetually on Instagram and this podcast. And remember, always keep your unique light shining. See you next episode.

Losing time. I fading fast. I just wanna make it last. Try to let go of the past. I close my eyes, embrace the blood. Everything finds me at the perfect time. Mavi is helping people clear emotions, trapped chords. And subconscious beliefs every day through the emotion code. She is amazing. I'm personally working with her on my relationship refocus, uh, after I've completed my abundance clearing.

And my God, it does. Is it working? ? It is so working and it's so amazing. I'm clearing out things like I feel safe to express my thoughts and feelings with my partner. I'm clearing out old connections, disappointments, trapped emotions from way back into my childhood with my sibling. And so if you have not connected with her, you must just try, just have a conversation with her 30 minutes free q and a of like, what is the emotion code and how can this help me and give it a try.

It's free. So connect with her in the link in the show notes@www.movi.ca. Are you looking for ways to heal your heart from trauma? I am honored to be a guest on another Trauma to Triumph Summit, hosted by a completely different person, Patrice Pugh, and she has a personal experience of trauma. She was held a gun point by her own son who is now incarcerated, and she is making her tragic and so horribly sad story into gold, and she's helping others heal through.

this is a 14 day online summit you can do at the leisure of your own timing and in the comfort of your own home. From November 28th through December 11th, Patrice Pugh is taking you through different topics of how trauma does not define you, going from survivor to thriver, taming the bullying between your ears, and what I'm sharing is five stages of forgiveness.

The best part is it's totally. So get your free ticket for the Trauma to Triumph Summit today in the link in the show notes. I want to take a moment and invite you to think Unbroken Conference. That's right. Our next conference is happening right around the corner this December with amazing speakers from around the world who are leaders in personal development, trauma education mindset.

And more. All you have to do to register to watch for free. That's right. $0. Come and join us is go to my unbroken life.com, register and sign up. You can get access to the free event. Watch it live with us this December. It'll be myself speaking along with amazing human beings like. Anthony Trucks, Jamie Bronstein, Leslie Logan, and a special interview that I'm doing with Dr.

G Monte that has never before been released. So come and join us, my unbroken life.com. All you have to do is put in your email, we'll send you over the registration. You'll be able to come and join us, watch live, and then if you want access to the recordings or more information there for you to keep them forever.

But in the meantime, go. Block it off on your calendar. This is gonna be a transformational experience that you do not want to miss. Head over to my unbroken life.com to register for free. Until next time, be unbroken. Will you Nights in headache stack, restlessness to hell and bath. What's my purpose? But do I grab a slippery surface?

A hard attack, and sometimes you just gotta believe there's something that'll give you relief. There's something that'll have what you need. What you mean we're broken? It's tragic. We're not all elastic, but maybe there's. Believe you could have it, and I know of sadness, the anxious the of all.

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