Episode 114

How to Deprogram Yourself from Narcissistic Patriarchy with Monica Rodgers of The Revelation Project

Published on: 24th November, 2022
"Because when we're taught to abandon ourselves our whole life and choose belonging over ourselves. It creates a really messy situation." - Monica Rodgers: The Revelation Project

We live in a world where we are taught to think that men are better than women. But if you really want to change things, then you must start thinking differently.

The way society teaches us to view gender roles has been around for centuries. It’s called “patriarchal narcissism” and it’s rooted in our culture’s history of male dominance.

In this episode, you will gain empowerment and information on how to deprogram yourself from the narcissistic patriarchy and awaken your divine feminine.

Today I share a rerun conversation with Monica Rodgers

Instagram: @revelationwoman

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Here are some key moments:

  • Stop complying and be true to yourself
  • How to deprogram yourself
  • Trust and Faith over the abyss of the unknown
  • Self Love
  • The Mess is beautiful

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Mm. That's enough of you ruling the world, like a little boy who's tantruming. That's enough of you desecrating mother earth. That's enough. And when women have had enough shit starts to change. Over time.

Welcome to the empath and the narcissist podcast where you regain your sparkle back after narcissistic abuse. I am your host, Raven, Scott, your nurturing, or your guide through the darkness. This is episode

One 14, how to unprogrammed yourself. From.

Narcissistic patriarchy with award-winning podcaster. Monica Rogers of the revelation project.

This is a rerun this aired back in may when my audience was very tiny. And now you are so beautifully showing up. And the podcast has grown exponentially. So I truly believe that you will receive value from this. And she is a sacred, feminine rights passage practitioner.

Leadership coach and author

Just a reminder. This episode is for educational purposes only, and it is not a substitute for professional therapy.

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shop. . without further ado, let's dive into the conversation.




Like Daniella.



Um, so share with us a tiny bit of your journey of how you got to this place of wisdom.


Right. , that was really hard for me because when you don't necessarily. Fit with those teachings. It can be very isolating. And , I don't know about any of you, but I was not given spiritual autonomy. So it wasn't like my family was like, well, let's check something else out.

You know? Like, let's see what works for you either.



Pretty pleasing and polite, or am I actually going to stop complying and do what feels true to my heart and true to my path. And that's what I call the unbecoming process. And I love that term so much because of course so many of us that we, as the women who are listening are socialized. You know, in terms of what is becoming for a woman or what is, you know, what, in these gender roles that really also do not serve.

And I think we're more and more learning about that. So for me, the revelation project and revealing is, is very near and dear to my heart because I believe that so much. What's true about why we're here and what our purpose is. It's, it's like it's, it's cloaked in the mystery and it's up to us, whether or not we want to explore that mystery and start to reveal and feel and heal our lives.

And so for me, it was also about revealing the feminine face, the divine, which when you really, really start to. Um, on earth, the teachings that were hidden by design were purposely co-opted or changed to fit the patriarchal narrative. You start to recognize like, oh my goodness. Like, you know, God was never a gender, you know, God was all right or in.

And I even like to exchange that word with life, right. For me, like life is sourced. And so for any of your listeners, it's just really about whatever you believe is that bigger source or that bigger essence or energy that calls to you or that, you know, is, is that. That beautiful thing that makes magic in the world.




It's in here, you know, that's the other thing.


Now I have a question that comes to mind. Was there, like what brought you out of your pretty people pleasing role as a child and into more of your.


So normal as we kind of have each of us have our moment of awakening, you know, like I thought there's something wrong on me with me. I need a, clearly I need to be medicated. Right? Like all the things we think when we start to actually feel our lives. And I had really been doing all of the things that so many of us do through socialization, which is to wear all of the masks.

You know, I had learned to like, tap, tap, dance my way, you know, like for my next trick, you know, it's just like trying to like, you know, just get by all the time. And, you know, really, I had even done so much leadership work, but I think I knew how to talk the talk, but I didn't know how to walk the walk and.

What, what truly was behind all of that was kind of an unrevealed self-loathing that? I think so many of us are also taught to feel because when we're taught to abandon ourselves our whole life and choose belonging over ourselves, you know, that that starts to actually like, and we start to internalize all of these messages.

It creates a really messy situation when you do turn towards it, which is why, of course. Teaching women to say yes to that mess, because when we do finally kind of have that breakdown within it contain the seeds to the breakthrough, but first we have to be brave and like dare to be with all of. Uh, sticky, gritty, yucky things that we've created.

Um, and part of it for me was like actually taking responsibility for that mess. And, and there was a point where I had to just stop blaming everybody else for it. You know, I had to stop, you know, and while I talk a lot about patriarchy and really, um, identifying. System and I do think that's important.

It's not for the purpose of blaming and not taking responsibility. It's more about seeing it, revealing it so , we can take part in healing it and we each have our part to play.


to all you impasse out there chasing fake love. The trick in breaking that pain cycle is to stop chasing and start fostering love for your own self. An excerpt from my book, grab my book. Now I listen to it on Audible. It's called Empath and the Narcissist. It's a healing guide on how to overcome narcissistic abuse, recovering PTSD codependency, and gaslighting manipulation.

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Now back to the show.

Yeah, absolutely. And a lot of those, , religions, if you get caught up in what pastors are saying or what the collective is doing, It is very guilt and shame driven to keep everyone there, to keep the offerings coming in the baskets, to keep everyone coming back to take communion or whatever the religion is or going to mosque, or I don't know much about that, but for me it was Christianity and it was really , to see the hypocrisy as I turned 18, , I really rebelled against and questioned.

Well, wait a second. Evolution exists. Like that's my other big thing, especially the extreme religions where they don't really share with you of the world, quote, unquote concepts, like real science, real evolution that really puts you in a place where you question everything. And it's like, have I been gaslighted like this, my entire childhood?

And when he answers, yes, that's really hard.


And so depending on how you look at it, and there are different, you know, conversations within that. But it's really just such, um, it's like the beginning of the beginning, you know, it's just really a magical place to be. I didn't know it then, you know, so, right. So, so like I can, I can sit here in my pretty armchair and be like, yes, it's all good.

But you know, when you actually are facing it, it's like at one of those really like, oh shit moments.


And he convinced me that only he would love me and all this BS. And so it was like the abyss, whether it's, you're getting out of a relationship or you're going out on your own from your family and like being the black sheep, it's like this deep, dark abyss. And the fear of the unknown in the future is really.

It's really good.


And to go back to your question for a minute, you know, I was also very rebellious from a young age. So like, I literally remember going to church as a young girl and actually, um, I work with this concept that I call the trance of unworthiness. I really look at.

How we're socialized. And again, whether or not you were part of a religious group, and if you, if you, and if you are right, I, I also don't want to invalidate those listeners who, who, you know, um, gain and it serves them. Right. And again, and they gained value from it. I'm not here to say, you know, I'm here to, to do my revelation project, not to do anybody else's.

So for me, it was not a fit, but. But one of the things that was really clear to me when, you know, I heard of course the Genesis story of Eve, you know, there's kind of a Genesis one story and there's a Genesis two story. Um, you know, it, I remember just hearing the one about, you know, the woman is kind of the companion she's made out of his rib.

It's like, we're suddenly in a new. By down where members the world, wait a minute, how did that happen? And, and, you know, just really from a historical and then a theological, , standpoint, really starting to understand again, that that story was changed to serve political ends. Right. And, and so it's, it becomes like really fascinating when you start breaking it down.

But I remember as a little girl, like looking around like indignant, like everybody, like, and looking around in the women's. Standing there with their eyes wide open. And that's what I started calling. The trance of unworthiness, like they were in the trans like, cause they weren't angry. They were just, they were



And so we leave, we, we literally leave, we disassociate and we go up into our head where the trans is, and that's where we no longer have access to our energy PS because it's not up. Right. It's it's, it's here, you know, it's in our heart, it's in our intuition, it's in our body. Our body holds the wisdom for women.


Right. We were never included in those conversations. It was like, be quiet, go along with it, make sure everyone's happy. Give people the benefit of the doubt. And then all of a sudden you're wondering why we're all like experiencing narcissistic abuse is because we've been trained to yeah. And we've been conditioned to be in that trance.

So you think that. You think all of those elements contribute to? Yes.


But then when you actually start to recognize the accumulation of the messages , It's like, nobody gets out of that awake. But it's kind of true. It deadens you over time.





That's right. And you know, I, I just recently finished, um, A teacher training. I got a certification to do the archetypical work of what's called the maiden to mother, right. The maiden and the mother archetypes. And I learned so much about the mother wound and how that gets past, you know, and it's fascinating because, you know, in some cases we're all the daughters of mothers, but we're also all daughters of the patriarchy.

And so as much as we can. I think when we start to become awakened and I'll speak for myself, there was a period of time where I was pissed at my mother. I mean, I.



So it's really, it's a constant practice. And, , you can see me. I know your listeners can't but I'm continually putting my hand over my heart because that's the way that I remind myself to come back to myself, to stay in my own hula hoop, to do my own revelation project. Don't do my mothers.

Don't do my daughter's, , don't do my friends, just do my own revelation project. What is here for me to do what is here for me to own and who can I forgive? You know, because. There's a way that like, yes, we, I think we have to go through all the things, the grief, the steps, the blame, all of that stuff that we have to go through to get to that place where we're actually like, okay, I think I'm done.

You know, I think I'm done blaming everybody else. I think I, I think I'm ready to actually take responsibility for everything I created now, you know, and then Christmas comes around.

So good. Yeah, that's right. But you have



That's a little different. Maybe it's a little more evolved, you know, and then sometimes it's not, but the bottom line is that, you know, I am still human. And I think what we get better at doing is recovering and realigning. And I love saying that when we do align, we are divine because that's that place where, when we are in alignment, when we are centered, when we are intentional, we can still be messy, but we can own it.

We can come from a place that gives ourselves space and grace, you know, to just be human. Oh, well, I'm human after.


It all it continues to evolve. And the lesson you learned is get deeper and your boundaries get stronger and you just, you start to develop that radical. Like self-awareness that you're like, okay, now I see it like so many more light bulbs will go off. The more you, you do your introspective work, like, and I wanted to ask you about the self love, because I think that's huge.

If you don't have that self of practice, then all that drama just becomes drama and you get confused. Right? Why, um, why is the mess portal like into the self liberation and self love? Why is it so.


Like for me, that's women, women. We carry the world on our shoulders and it gets really interesting when you start to consider all of the extra labor that we do, um, like the emotional labor, right. It's like, we've talked about the third shift and we T you know, like I even noticed it myself, right? Like what.

What I do, how I treat my children differently. Right? Like, I'm getting better at this, but because I was conditioned to see girls one way and boys and other, right. It's just true that, you know, we can tend to kind of do it all. And somehow, like, you know, my son can like sit on the couch and be eating chips.

His sister is like cleaning up around him. I'm like, whoa, you know, what's happening here? Um, you know, and that was my life growing up too. It was like such different treatment for the boys. Right. And it's like, so I've, I've really seen women. And for the longest time I had so much internal misogyny. So I would just want to call that out because that's a big cultural thing.

It's like we also live in a very misogynistic culture. And so we internalize that. So at some point. I really got that. I didn't know what it really meant to be in a truly intimate and wonderful relationship with women because I had been conditioned not to trust women. Right. And so where the mass comes in is when you start to actually turn towards some of these things and it doesn't feel good, it doesn't feel comfortable.

It doesn't, you know, make me look good. Right. And we're so much about appearances and so shit gets messy, fast and. I can talk about this from, you know, like a blowup perspective and having a mess on our hands or just the messy business of being human. Right. But we do all get to a point where we are so afraid to let go, because God forbid the day we let go, well, then who's going to clean it.

Right then who's going to clean it up. And part of it, you know, what I want to say is part of it for women is like, we train the world how to be in relationship with us. So we get what we tolerate. And so if we've actually been, you know, tolerating it for this long, and suddenly we just say like, I am not doing this anymore.

And we like hit our internal. That's actually good news because the second where we let it all fall apart is when we start to actually be able to breathe again. It's actually, when we start connecting back to our spirit, because I don't know about any of you out there, but there was a time in my life that I stopped breathing.

That's how that's how heavy and how tight it had all become. It was like, I had breath, hunger, air hunger, like I could never breathe. It was like, the trauma was like, you know, like constricting everything and just the, the efforting and the striving. It was in the perfectionism, my God. Right? Like. So


So I'm on like, I'm really like short of breath. But when you say that, I was like, thank God. It wasn't because I didn't get enough sleep. I mean, for sure he didn't let me sleep that night, but, uh, I just, you sh you should still be able to breathe. Like I just always, always short


You know, we're not designed to live that way. And the truth is women are, and this is where I talk about how we live in the upside down. And as women, like, whenever something comes at us, we have to get really good at kind of flipping it over and looking at it because, because the truth is we've been taught to avoid masses because somehow they implicate. 'cause think of Eve, right? Like that was a mass, like what you do, you had to eat from the apple, that tree of knowledge, like now, like what a mess. Right. And, and meanwhile, that's not even, that was a story, right. That got told in order for women to be the scapegoat.

And, and it kind of created exactly what we've got, which is, you know, this situation where women are in this trance of unworthy. And we've got little boys ruling the world. Who've never been initiated into true adult manhood, right? Like



And I want to say, you know, it's just as much in our court as like the wounded maidens, right? Like that, that believe we've got to stay young and. And be pretty pleasing and polite to have value



Right. Like, so when we start turning toward these truths and we start looking at them and we start wincing, it's like, Ooh, I don't like this. It doesn't feel good. And part of this is also when we returned to the body. Right. That is a messy stuff. It's like all the alarm bells are going off because we've been disassociating and numbing out.

So like when we come back into our bodies, this is a messy situation for awhile and we've been taught that it's a mess. So like I invite women back, not because, oh, it's messy at first, but when we start getting like really rude. Really rooted back into the truth of who we are.

It's not messy anymore. It's clean and it's clear and it's filled with integrity and it's an, and this is the, this is the part that gets me so excited because when we get through the messy part and we know who we are, like no kidding. We are a force of love and ruthless compassion. Ruthless. And, and that comes from a place of true mother love, and it comes from a place of sufficiency, which is not a sexy word, but give me a minute.

Because Lynn twist is one of my mentors and she taught, she wrote the book, the soul of money, and she talks about this whole thing of not enoughness and how we're taught to live in this world of scarcity. And yet mother nature shows us every day that sufficiency and reciprocity and abundance are our birth.

Okay. So scarcity is really up here in the head is in the trance when we're out of the head and we're in the body, we get this, we get this so much. And when we are sufficient, when we are in touch with our own enoughness women, the interesting part is then we start saying enough, that's enough of you on the couch with your potato chips.

Mm. That's enough of you ruling the world, like a little boy who's tantruming. That's enough of you desecrating mother earth. That's enough. And when women have had enough shit starts to change. Yeah. Watch out. Yeah. Watch out. Yeah. And you know this because you've been in a narcissistic relationship and I think narcissism is our teacher and it is a gift for women.

It is a gift for us. If we get that, it's the grit that makes the Pearl, if we'd get to our I've had enough.



Like, I can't do this. Right. I can't tell you how many times I probably said this. I can't do this. No, like I'm not doing this. I even remember saying that on the childbirth table, but that's a different story. It was obvious I couldn't get out of it. Right. But it, you know, and then it's, it's the trauma, it's our nervous systems.

Right. It's it's really, and, and I think, again, we come by that, honestly, because living in this world, it is actually like a very triggering place, but we have to learn to become the safest person in the room. You know, that's where women and our potential and who we are and how we're designed is so potent.

And it's so powerful, which is exactly why it was taken in, turned upside down, was in you and used against us is because. I mean, I don't really know the reason why, but I know that that has something to do with it. Yeah.


Wavelength. They were not like men is on a pedestal. You woman, you're a witch, let's burn you on a steak. Like that was not at all, anything. So I have, I would be curious to research that and see what happened, but needless, nevertheless, it is what it is. And I think this whole narcissism like movement, I call it like the great narcissist awakening.

Pretty much since:

And I wanted to ask you, why is radical self approval? A tool for transforming.


You know, it's it's okay. You get to be messy. You got to be human, , does that mean I don't have to clean it up, right? Yeah. I still have to clean up my messes, you know, when their mind to clean up, when I get triggered and I project, right. Or I. Take out my frustrations on somebody, you know, like some innocent victim, , those are my messes to clean up.

And certainly as mothers, we have those moments right. Where we just hit the, the penthouse floor. Right. It's like, I've, I've asked nicely eight times and now I'm, I'm, I've hit the penthouse. Right? And while we can resolve to be better about that, the bottom line is like, I'm where I don't want to ever get back to is the place I was, which was, I was so unkind to myself.

And, you know, I came to this revelation once where I was like, no one could have made me feel any worse. Then I had actually already made myself feel



Hmm. So what was the antidote for me to shame it's like this radical self love and self approval, you know? , and it gives me permission in that moment, you know, and it's the permission to fire myself from a job. That's just a job or to. I give myself permission to take a time out or a nap or to nourish myself, you know, , it's also, I talk about it as like my birthright.

Right. Which is that earlier, , it's my right to nominate myself for. Challenges that I might not get right, right away. Right. But like, I see something for myself. And so the only thing that would keep me from doing it is the fear of failure. So I have to give myself permission and that grace to fail a few times.

Cause guess what? That's actually how I learn. I don't know about you, but like I fail fast and I'm proud of it because that's how I learn. I learned really fast, but I also fail fast. You know, so it's like, it's kind of turning everything on its head that we've been taught to avoid, especially for women.

And so I think about all of those places that we've been taught not to go like our emotions, our intuition, our sexuality, our sensuality, and I say, oh, that's because they're power centers. Those are power centers. You know, those are, those are where we have to do what I call the reclamation. And before we do the reclamation, we have to have the reckoning and the reckoning is the messy part, but it's the reckoning that brings us back in touch with our humanity and our birthright.

And it allows us to love ourselves again, even in the. And for the listeners, you know, I love, and even though it's a little bit trite, it, it dawned on me like, oh, that's why the Lotus blooms in the mud. You know how tick not Han says no mud, no Lotus. It's like, because it needs, we need the mess. We actually need the grit.

We need the mud, we need the darkness to become the light. Right. And I don't even want to call the mass the darkness because what we've really learned when we dare to go there is that we are the light. So any darkness that comes our way, we illuminated it. It's what we do. We're made of light. Yeah.


And it is through the grit that, that beautiful, it's really interesting that such a beautiful flower can come from such a wet and muddy place and money place is it's such a beautiful analogy we have to learn. And you were saying, oh, like, I fail so fast and I learn so fast. It's like, why don't try it. Go ahead. Let's try it. What's it going to hurt? Okay. We have now. And like, and usually those entrepreneurs who succeed, they've done 10, 100 projects before the one that really takes off. And so. Yeah, that's right.



And if we don't fit in, you know, it's like goes back to the whole tribal fear of we're going to get kicked out of the group and we won't survive and no one will like us or love us. And that's like the. Human fear, you know, not even a brain in the survival in the spleen. That's right. Yeah. But it, it isn't, and I love human design because it allows you to know yourself intimately.

And once you realize that you, it just, for me, just the same as what you said before we hit record, like it made so much sense. I understood so much more about even how you interact with other people. Like, oh, well, I was always taught to do this as a child or, you know, in, in society, like most, all of us are taught to be like the manifester who is the, just do it type of person who can initiate things.

And you wonder why so many of us are frustrated and getting guidance from certain business coaches trying to get the right formula. It's like, we all have our unique formula. And why try and do that person's formula when you have your own unique.


Like, because we, in so many cases help each other complete certain aspects of our design and it's so collaborative that, you know, I go back to like, um, Just some of what we learned in school, right? Like survival of the fittest or, you know, and it's, again, it's, those were theories that have been disproved.

Right. It's like all of these things and just really, there's still so many tenants. Um, that or that we, we continue to kind of live in our present life that have been disproved and they're, they're not serving and they're not useful, but they're kind of like embedded in our, in our socialization, you know, including kind of this narcissistic way that we all strive for more than we need.

And we, we center ourselves and. You know, it's just, there's this self-serving way that we've been conditioned to think about ourselves, that it just gets really interesting once you start the unbecoming process to kind of, cause every part of that is a little bit messy, like looking at our tendency towards let's say racism, even if it's unconscious.

Right. It's messy and it's scary. And it's hard to admit that we don't know certain things or that were mortified that we never, you know, like actually looked into the land that we live on to know who were the indigenous people that were here before me. And how can I honor them? Right. Like, so. The unbecoming process is messy is my point.

And it's why I love the mess so much is because if we're not constantly in a state of self love and self approval, we're going to get really stopped , in our efforts to. Become a better human. So we can't let the mass be the deterrent because that's where we have these moments of revelation.

And it's the moments of revelation that create the revolution. Hmm.


And like you said, that unbecoming and the human design helps you rewire, you know, what you've been wired to be, which is not your true nature, your true, highest self, and all of that is a beautiful process to. Become you and to shine your beautiful, unique light out into the world. Like you said, it's a force to be reckoned with when it's shining clean and authentic and bright.


It's so it's such a big deal to do this work of self-love in that case, because when you start to, , have enough of it and start to trust that actually , it's not you creating that. Right. But that, yes, it's going to be messy when you leave. Right. , but one thing I will say, which is the minute we , start loving ourselves, it's literally like the universe.

Everything aligns. They, as soon as you turn that energy towards yourself and genuinely start loving yourself and treating yourself with compassion, it is literally like magic starts to show up in your life. And I have tons of stories about how that happened in my own life. Maybe a podcast for another time, but that truly is where the magic starts is with self.


You're, you'll see yourself transformed it's a little bit at a day, right? A little bit and a little bit that you will eventually not be able to recognize yourself in a good way. And I remember hearing that when I was on the first part of my journey, I was like, I want that. I want to not recognize myself.

I want to stop being such a pushover and a pleaser. And I want to stop, like, with all this. But yeah, get there.


And it was like, what are you going to do? And I was like, I don't know. It was like, I don't know, was my answer for everything. And it was like, I was watching them panic. Right. But like, there was part of me was like, I don't know. And trusting for the first time. That something was going to show up that was going to show me and that I didn't need to know everything right now.

In fact, I knew nothing. Right. But that there is this way that each step got revealed. And again, that's the other reason I call it. The revelation project is because the minute we're in relationship with the universe in that way, where we realize that we're actually, we can lean into the universe and we can.

Catch me, you know, catch me and trust that the universe is going to catch us because things do happen when we dare to stop. You know, when we dare to stop letting somebody abuse us.


Thank you so much for this conversation, Monica, it's truly been a blessing to have you here on the.


And then I get to practice. Yeah. Yes. The


Thank you and have a beautiful day.




This book is truly eye-opening. In particular, I feel that the author really nails down how empaths can accommodate the narcissist in ways that we don't even realize. I found it fascinating to learn about the role of human design and how this could greatly affect our relationships as well. Thank you for another beautiful review.

Keep them pouring into the podcast. And if you've read my book, please write a review as it shows social proof, because now there are so many empath and narcissist books out there on Amazon. Mine was one of the first five that I found, and now there's probably 50. You can't start in your next chapter if you're rereading the last one.

This is just one of the many beautiful sparkle reminders that I've drafted for you to receive every week. If you wish to receive Sparkle reminders, just like this, sign up to get this gift every Saturday into your inbox. In the link, in the show notes, and also the bonus when you first sign up is you receive the How to Draw Powerful Boundaries Workshop that isn't actually just about boundaries.

There's a lot of spiritual healing in there for your soul as. You can follow me at Instagram, reach out, say hello. Share with me how you're doing at Raven Scott's Show. I am here for you perpetually on Instagram and this podcast. And remember, always keep your unique light shining. See you next episode.

Losing time. I fading fast. I just wanna make it last. Try to let go of the past. I close my eyes, embrace the blood. Everything finds me at the perfect time. Mavi is helping people clear emotions, trapped chords. And subconscious beliefs every day through the emotion code. She is amazing. I'm personally working with her on my relationship refocus, uh, after I've completed my abundance clearing.

And my God, it does. Is it working? ? It is so working and it's so amazing. I'm clearing out things like I feel safe to express my thoughts and feelings with my partner. I'm clearing out old connections, disappointments, trapped emotions from way back into my childhood with my sibling. And so if you have not connected with her, you must just try, just have a conversation with her 30 minutes free q and a of like, what is the emotion code and how can this help me and give it a try.

It's free. So connect with her in the link in the show notes@www.movi.ca. Are you looking for ways to heal your heart from trauma? I am honored to be a guest on another Trauma to Triumph Summit, hosted by a completely different person, Patrice Pugh, and she has a personal experience of trauma. She was held a gun point by her own son who is now incarcerated, and she is making her tragic and so horribly sad story into gold, and she's helping others heal through.

this is a 14 day online summit you can do at the leisure of your own timing and in the comfort of your own home. From November 28th through December 11th, Patrice Pugh is taking you through different topics of how trauma does not define you, going from survivor to thriver, taming the bullying between your ears, and what I'm sharing is five stages of forgiveness.

The best part is it's totally. So get your free ticket for the Trauma to Triumph Summit today in the link in the show notes. I want to take a moment and invite you to think Unbroken Conference. That's right. Our next conference is happening right around the corner this December with amazing speakers from around the world who are leaders in personal development, trauma education mindset.

And more. All you have to do to register to watch for free. That's right. $0. Come and join us is go to my unbroken life.com, register and sign up. You can get access to the free event. Watch it live with us this December. It'll be myself speaking along with amazing human beings like. Anthony Trucks, Jamie Bronstein, Leslie Logan, and a special interview that I'm doing with Dr.

G Monte that has never before been released. So come and join us, my unbroken life.com. All you have to do is put in your email, we'll send you over the registration. You'll be able to come and join us, watch live, and then if you want access to the recordings or more information there for you to keep them forever.

But in the meantime, go. Block it off on your calendar. This is gonna be a transformational experience that you do not want to miss. Head over to my unbroken life.com to register for free. Until next time, be unbroken. Will you Nights in headache stack, restlessness to hell and bath. What's my purpose? But do I grab a slippery surface?

A hard attack, and sometimes you just gotta believe there's something that'll give you relief. There's something that'll have what you need. What you mean we're broken? It's tragic. We're not all elastic, but maybe there's. Believe you could have it, and I know of sadness, the anxious the of all.

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