Episode 89

Emotional Damage and Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse through the Emotion Code

Published on: 27th September, 2022
A decade later and I uncovered an energetic chord connected to me by my x.

Emotional Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse

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89. Emotional Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse - Even a decade after



I don't know if you've ever heard about chords,

oh, that person has like energetically corded to me or vice versa and we discovered that there was a cord connected that was between the heart of my ex and I



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ex convinced me I was in my [:

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press it. This is a healthy, [:

And I'm gonna share with you the, the difference between what emotions are and what virtues are, , and kind of like help you delineate the two. And I'm gonna share with you the chart. On the spectrum of where all the emotions are energetically and hertz. But before I dive into that, I wanted to share just with you this story that I shared on my Instagram, I was walking and I had this thought and emotional trigger this morning triggered me into sadness. , it triggered me into

grief. I felt fear and I felt a desire to be loved. And then it shifted up. Then I felt anger. . And so what I did to process all of these feelings is first. I allowed myself to sit and breathe and cry, and then as it transitioned from that grief and that fear, desire, like desire to be loved desire to be heard, that shifted into anger.

And then, so what I did instead of actually act out of my anger towards anybody, I took a voice memo and I was able to fully express how I felt in that anger moment to get it out and to release it and to hear myself and to process it and to put an intention into that energy, say, this is what I'm feeling.

ck and this is again normal. [:

And I wanna affirm that I'm right there with you, even as I'm sharing all of this information, learning and diving, even. And you may think I'm perfect. I am not. I am right here with you in the trenches, working through all of this



And I, only got this because serendipitously at the same exact time, , I switched , onto Daniel LA port's podcast with love, which is an amazing podcast. I highly recommend it. She is a spiritual mentor to me, and I appreciate her honesty. I appreciate her viewpoint on things.

And so she was talking about. Emotions are energy emotions have this, you know, bandwidth and power behind it. But the virtues of our heart, what is in our heart is not emotions. She was talking about. Love not being an emotion, although it is on the emotional spectrum. So I'm not sure exactly what she's meaning there.

Although I think she truly believes that love is a virtue from the heart. And so she was talking about how do you wanna now embody. Emotions or not feeling these emotions, these negative emotions around the person that may be triggering you. So do you wanna embody peace? Like for me, I was like, I just wanna embody peace and love.

with you, not in their life, [:

And so you're really make them uncomfortable when they're around you or, you know, maybe you question the way that they live or their ideology what have you, right. , so this goes back to how do you want to be around them? And of course you don't have to be around them all the time. But when that off chance happens, you still have a choice to choose.

I'm going to be happy for them because they are happy. They are choosing to do what they wanna do and fly little butterfly fly. Right. And this is like I said, I have to admit this is. Monk level emotional intelligence that we all can strive for. And we, we may not fully achieve, but we can try and get there.

Can you embody gentleness towards them? Can you embody, being happy for them so liberating them. Can you embody friendliness and stoicism? Can you embody. Greatness of spirit and wisdom being that wise, calm, peaceful Sage when you're there not having to prove you're right. Not having to chase them for love, not having to say the right things to trigger them, to listen you or get in an argument.

defended that I was a person [:

That could be true. That could not be true. I don't know. I'm not in their head. , but I do wanna acknowledge that we all have pieces of narcissism in us, and this does not diagnosis as a narcissist. This just says, Hey. You're a little toddler emotionally right now, pretty much it, right.

We all naturally are narcissist as toddlers because the world revolves around us. Everything we need, we get, this is how you survive until you can get big enough to be able to fend for yourself. But a lot of us have different pieces in us. And this is what I was acknowledging on the real that I have a piece in me still with that narcissistic trait resid.

As a pattern looping with my family. And , the title of the reel was when narcissists go at it with another narcissist and really it is bomb exploding. It is war. It is I'm stubborn. They're stubborn. I want what I want. They want what they want. And on both sides, it's very transactional.

The relationship versus. Having the emotional capacity and feeling to just hold a virtue of wisdom of peace, being anchored like a giant tree and mother nature and holding space for them to be happy without you, even if that's not the agenda that you want to be accomplished, which is, I know it's hurtful.

n that realm and continue to [:

Wound the emotional scars. And emotions allow us to know where our wounds are, that we can heal at our psyche. So another beautiful comment came was like, he really appreciated that. I shared with him that I wasn't just playing the victim, which is ironically something I was blamed for but I'm always trying to tell all of you.

There is no one side is good. One side is bad. You know, that's the hard part with this title, empath and the narcissist. You assume the empath is the perfect one. And the narcissist is the evil one, right? Or beauty and the beast. Well, even in that movie, beauty and the beast, they both had their stubborn streaks.

And then they realized coming together, working on themselves and finding middle ground and opening their eyes to see how the other person. To be able to heal and, , come together. And in beauty and the beast, they fell in love, but you know, us empaths we're not all perfect. And I think we all know that, but sometimes we don't wanna recognize it and we want, it's easier to push the blame off onto the narcissist, but truly to elevate this conversation, we have to take responsibility for our narcissistic.

And that, like I said, that doesn't mean that you are a N P D diagnosable, narcissist. That just means there's, there's a tiny pattern there that is stuck in four, a five year old. You that's, it that's all it is. So if the first step is to heal that through the inner child, meditation and healing, your inner child, and maybe the mother wound or the father wound.

in disguise, but you have to [:

All these emotional. Wounds and connections and vibrations that sometimes we don't even know you can set. Intention or emotion, and it may happen like 10 years ago, you know, 12 years ago, farther back and it's set, it kind of just is still vibrating and hanging on in your energy body. So in this, , chart we have what is like an inverted cone.

So the tip of the cone is touching the. Ground invisible ground is the bottom of the chart. And all of these emotions in this red zone are contracted emotions. These are shame at 20 Hertz. Guilt is the next one up at 30 Hertz apathy, which is the next one up at 50 Hertz grief at 75. Then fear at a hundred.

We're starting to kind of. All the ones below, right? Fear, grief, apathy, guilt, and shame. Those are all in the suffering, the contracted, suffering, emotional frequencies, and those all happen, but I'm sure you can all imagine you had all those inside your mental state of when you were with the narcissist now above that is kind of like the getting by the middle zone.

a willingness emotionally at [:

You have acceptance. 350. So you're starting to move into the flow and expanded consciousness and you have, , acceptance at three 50 reason at 400 love is at 500. Joy is at five 40. Peace is 600 and enlightenment is 700 to a thousand hurts. And those are just all of the frequencies of emotions. And if we're talking about, , Aristotle's list of virtues are just to list them off.

These are different than emotions. These are things to, , kind of attain for, or strive to be gentleness, bravery. Temperance righteous, indignation justice, liberality, sincerity, friendliness, dignity, endurance, greatness of spirit, magnificence, and wisdom. So you have all of these things, these virtues and these emotions.

And then, you know, our thoughts get things all mixed up. We have emotions about our thoughts. We have thoughts about our emotions and we can't make heads or tails, especially when we're being gas lit. And then we Gaslight ourselves. Then we've got guilt and shame mixed in, and it just becomes like this really icky, murky mud soup, and it's gross.

And we don't know how to swoosh our way out. And in the subconscious these things can reside.

We all know what subconscious is, but I'm just going to give you a definition. So we're all on the same page.

We'll be back. in just a moment.

No one will ever believe you.[:

If these phrases are. Familiar and you may be dealing with a narcissist

my book empath and the narcissist. Is for you. How to overcome narcissistic abuse and recover from PTSD, codependency, gaslighting, and manipulation. Receive another bonus in this book. The free four ways to set powerful boundaries workshop is included in this book. If you wish to feel alive again, take back the power in your life. Then go to www dot Raven, Scott. Dot Show forward slash empath and the narcissist

Now, back to the show.


Like an it's like a autopilot and your subconscious motivates a. Auto pilot type reflex.

So, and it contains all the stored information of everything you have ever experienced or witnessed or been conditioned to do. , because of all these outside influences. So this subconscious mind is very, very powerful. It's a very powerful force and it makes up around 95% of your brain power and handles everything.

Your body needs to function properly from eating, breathing, making memories, and interacting in relationships. and I can personally attest healing from narcissistic abuse, codependency and PTSD is a long layered journey. And yet, while I've done all the things to heal,

meditations, wholeo prayer, [:

I didn't know that were even attached. And all of this came up when I was working with Mavi, Mathur in the emotion code and body code while clearing out blocks. I was trying to shift in my. Relationship to money and my abundance, I was trying to shift my abundance from 23%. I felt like I had to 100% aligned with my soul and flow of the universe.

So what I'm gonna do is share with you my session notes to further explain to you how the emotion code. What it is, how it works. And it really truly is just another powerful tool to heal from trauma to clear out emotional blocks that literally you don't even know. You couldn't even know they're there and narcissistic abuse.

So the emotion code, just to start out, I'm gonna share with you what it is. The emotion code and body code is a type of energy healing that is based on the premise that your body holds an energetic record of everything you've experienced in your life. Both good and bad. The energy of negative or traumatic experiences

working with a subconscious. [:

And like I said, the subconscious mind is over 95% of your intelligence, the it archives, everything relating to you. It is your inner. Intuition where your quote unquote gut feels comes from, and it is a database of everything related to you from your Bo birth. And even during gestational. And for me, my subconscious mind, when I started working with Mavi believed, , when it came to my finances, I was 22% in abundance.

And 63% was stagnant and I was 21% in a lack state. So of course we want the lack state to be 0% and stagnant zero and a hundred percent abundance. That's what we all desire. But so I had trapped emotions of grief and overwhelm that showed up in the first session. And those were contributing to my thoughts, emotions, decisions, and actions.

So releasing the energy, there are many different ways that she goes through the body code and emotion code to start releasing these energies through intentions. And that came up during our sessions. So I'm gonna share a few, I'm not gonna share all of them, cuz that would take like a really long time there were a lot, but um, so the, just on the first day for.

d, but this was related to a [:

Now also there was a broadcast a couple times the broadcast message came up. So this is something that I am broadcasting out from my body, in my communication, in my like, , silent communication, my body language. And that message was no one respects me. And we released that and we replaced it with, I have wisdom and people respect.

That is now a new affirmation that I have to go over every day. Now this is a trapped energy. So that was continually being sent out from my body to other people. The broadcast messages can influence my ability to form and keep relationships, which I can attest to can cause the wrong people to be attracted to me and also influence the behavior, my behavior toward.

Others and their behavior towards me. And let's see what else.

So we rebalanced the sympathetic nervous system. There was a trapped emotion of defensiveness related to that. , we went through my root chakras actually after even yesterday was my fifth, my. Let me see. Yes, it was my fourth session and we ended up balancing all the top chakras. And the first, the second session we balanced the root chakra and the throat chakra.

from the third trimester of [:

So in the, your mother's womb, you can have trapped emotions from your mother that you then carry on through your existence. There were some really cool, , recommendations of outside support. , having more Royal blue, like this shirt I'm wearing around you and on you in your life. My found blue nail Polish, I painted my nails Royal blue.

There was another support of, , B flour, like a flower essence to take as well as, , an essential oil to smell. So those three things. Are really beneficial. And I know she tested my subconscious to know what kind of essential oil and when to smell it. And what kind of B flour to take and when, and how many drops to take of that too.

So incredible. So we released a whole bunch of shared trapped emotions, shared being with somebody else close to me in my. . And that was amazing that those, since they're shared, those are stronger energy. So we released a whole bunch of those. We released a miasm, which is like, , a distortion. Let me see.

We release re released a miasm that originated from my mother's father. This was a distortion of my energy field that I inherited from an ancestor who had some kind of suppressed disease. Or extreme stress that occurred during their lifetime before I was born. And there was an absorbed, trapped emotion of frustration with, , that came from the age eight.

So these things can come from all the way back.

er the trees out in my front [:

So this is the energy. A thought that was stuck in my energy field, prompting my subconscious mind to verify or find truth in that thought. And that despair anchor for me was, I don't know anything.

this is a really one more thing I'm just gonna add is that there are things where our mind, our conscious mind makes a will to do something or a, will not to do something in an instant. and for me, what came up was the will to be right and the will to punish or self harm. And so it could just have come up one time in reaction to one person doing something or saying something.

And so I created a will in my mind, and then it just like sticks there and it affects all of my subconscious thoughts moving forward from that.

Also the meridians. She rebalanced the spleen Meridian meridians are rivers of energy that flow through the body.

So that's what I'm gonna share. There's so much more that she helped me on earth and clear, but I just wanna share that Mavi is amazing. She has spent years searching for solutions for herself, and then she realized that the answers she was looking for were always within her. That's what I'm always preaching.

You guys, always within you. , she just had to learn to listen and hear the messages her body was already trying to share with. Her life has been transformed since she was introduced to the work of Dr. Bradley Nelson and the emotion code. Everyone can clear their own emotions and learn how to use this framework.

from this. So find out what [:

Schedule a free discovery call today and tell her Raven sent you. You will actually hear more from MoVI on episode 92 of empath and the narcissist this Sunday.

Visit www.madhvi.ca that's M a D HVI dot C. A


oh, that person has like energetically corded to me or vice versa and we discovered that there was a cord connected that was between the heart of my ex and I, and there was a couple elements that actually. Made that cord stay attached. And so instead of just releasing the cord, she went through and really cleaned out like different like trapped emotions and things that like was anchoring the cord still and the energetic cord.

So we released like three things and then we could intentionally release and sever the cord that was between the heart of my ex and I, which is crazy to think a decade later after hating him. Being distant from him after no contact after healing and the forgiveness and all the process at the energetic level, it's different than the conscious level.

ool for any of you who would [:

Right. For sure. For sure. So don't forget to follow me on Instagram at Raven Scott's show, take a screenshot of this podcast. If you really enjoyed, learn, learning and hearing about emotions and emotional recovery from narcissistic. How we can release it, the different levels and hurts of emotions, share it on your Instagram stories and feed and tag me.

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And remember, always keep your unique light shining.


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